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How do I share my notebook in an online meeting?

Last updated October 20 - 1 min read

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Drawing and sketching together in a discussion can really improve communication and reduce the time to for everyone to reach the same base understanding of a topic. But it can be challenging to do when everybody can't be togehter in the same room.

With Grapic it's super easy to share your notebook or paper live with your remote colleagues, so you can sketch freely with your favourite pen.

A Grapic session with two people sharing their sketches
A Grapic session with two people sharing their sketches

Excited? Great, then follow these simple steps:

1. Download Grapic on App Store (Android version is not currently available).

2. Sign in and complete the tutorial steps to get a grip of the core interactions with augmented reality.

3. Create a session, or join an existing one by scanning the session QR code.

4. Invite your colleagues with the session link, or share your browser window directly in the online meeting.

5. Hold your phone comfortably to the side of the paper so that you can look directly at what you're drawing, while the camera still has a glance of the notebook.

Holding phone
Holding phone

6. Get started sketching and don't worry about keeping the phone stable. We will stableize the video so that is looks nice to your colleagues. Try to put down the phone on the table when you are finished drawing for a moment, we will only stream the latest glance of your sketch to your colleagues.

7. Sketch together. Your colleagues can also join the session with their own Grapic app and share their own sketches in real-time.

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