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Troubleshooting Share to Zoom Meetings

Note: Using Zoom on macOS Monterey requires the built-in AirPlay server to be turned off. See instructions.

The Grapic app relies on AirPlay to stream to Zoom Meetings. AirPlay to Zoom Meetings requires an iPhone/iPad and a computer. Both Mac and PC are supported. If it does not work, make sure that

  • Both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • There is no firewall blocking AirPlay.
  • If the computer runs macOS Monterey, see below.

Also have a look at Apple's troubleshooting guide and Zoom's instructions.

If AirPlay seems to work but the Grapic app does not stream content, make sure you have placed the selection frame on a surface. Also, have look at our How To Share to Zoom Meetings.

Issues on macOS Monterey

There is a conflict between the built-in AirPlay receiver in macOS Monterey and Zoom's AirPlay server. We hope this bug will be resolved by Zoom and Apple soon. The temporary work-around is to disable the built-in AirPlay receiver
Click  -> System Preferences -> Sharing -> Uncheck AirPlay Receiver

apple menu
system preferences
sharing preferences

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