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Collaborate online with pen and paper

Nothing beats the real thing. Tactile, direct and real-time. Now also remote.

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All you need is your phone

Use the Grapic mobile app to share a video stream of your notebook or whiteboard to your remote colleagues. No need for a camera tripod or expensive equipment - our tech keeps things steady and focused instead.

Pen and paper

How it works

Draw when inspiration hits

Scribble directly in your favourite notebook or on the back of a napkin. Use the Grapic mobile app to share your process in real-time, with minimal setup. Just select the area you want to share, and start drawing.

Keep technology out of the way

Grapic uses fancy augmented reality and image processing so you can hold your phone where you like, and not think about keeping it steady. Put your phone down when you’re not drawing, and pick it up again to continue.

Share your page with colleagues

Invite your colleagues to view your paper in real-time by sharing a link to the session. When inspiration hits, they can join in and start drawing too.

What people are saying

Grapic is one of the best executed apps using computer vision and AR that I've seen. Simple, useful, and fun to use.
Vikas Reddy
Vikas Reddy
Co-Founder/Board member · Occipital · Boulder, Colorado
I use Grapic to sketch out new slide ideas and concepts with my remote colleagues. It's the only thing that's as fast as drawing by hand, because that's what it is!
Sara Malmström
Sara Malmström
Consultant · Accenture · Stockholm
At Tape It we use Grapic to sketch our mobile app ideas. It’s so much faster to use pen & paper for brainstorming.
Thomas Walther
Thomas Walther
Founder · Tape It · Distributed (Berlin & Stockholm)

Remember hazzle free collaboration?

Bring back creativity to remote work. Collaborate like it’s 1999, but remote.

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